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Halfway through August and seeing ski areas post their opening days for the 2023/2024 season. Wow, where did summer go? From a Northern New England

By Maximilian Mündler MSc, Product Manager Last week I listened to the latest episode of the Storm Skiing Podcast with Alterra Mountain Company CEO Jared Smith.

Over the years, many people have asked me for an online demo of MountainOffice, but I could not provide such until recently.  As you may

It is a busy Saturday in February, and the mountain is straining under several thousand skiers and riders. All lifts are turning, parking lots are

So much of what you read about ski industry-related digital tools is directly transactional with the skiers, riders, mountain bikers, and others. And this is

MountainOffice has just released its latest update, version 1.4.5, but that does not stop the developers from continuing to move MountainOffice forward. After the 2023

Not sure what to think about the national weather – heat, tornados, and flooding. Thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering from the impacts

Another Harvard Business Review article I thought had meaningful relevancy to the ski industry.  I have taken the liberty to make the article more ski

If you want better maintenance for your ski lifts, check out the brief video in this post. It is easy and simple to use, MountainOffice. Yes,

Many of the ski areas currently using a digital incident management system made their decision to select the system because the incident management system could

What a beautiful stretch of weather we have had in Vermont this past week.  Even had three ski areas offering skiing the first weekend in

Hopefully, the title doesn’t give the impression that this is a high-brow conversation and not something that is relevant to you. Admittedly the article that

This is a repost of a prior post. I am reposting this because I get a sense of reluctance that maybe small ski areas believe

    One of the many things I have learned in my Steep Management experience is that mountain operation management, VP to front-line managers, wants a way

This might be Mammoth in August In the previous Steep newsletter, I commented on winter weather being split between the East and West, but now the

What is spatial technology? Otherwise known as applied geography, spatial science uses technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing

the answer for many small mountains to be able to step up and significantly improve their record-keeping. All ski areas are alike, or are they? If

I will rate the past holiday season a success as it seems that ski areas did well with visits no matter the conditions.  Albeit the

    MountainOffice is excited to announce a new offering specially tailored to small ski areas. Recognizing that smaller ski areas may not have IT departments or

As I have indicated in prior posts, I wanted to represent SmartMountain because I believed it to be the best solution for incident and dispatch

Cycles of behavior come and go, and I am of the opinion we as a society are seeing the beginning of a new behavior as

Having represented four different incident management software programs designed for the ski area industry, I thought I'd share with you what I heard from many

    'Tis the Season – Happy Holidays to you all. May the bullwheels spin, the snow fall, and all guests be happy! The season has begun nationwide,

Safety is a critical component of our maintenance culture, or it should be if it isn’t.  However, sometimes the importance of safety gets pushed to

  Here is a reprint of an article that clearly articulates what company culture is, why it is important, building and improving your culture, hiring for

  Last month, I listened to a podcast shared by the PNSAA executive director, Jordan Elliot, and I was blown away by what I learned. The short

Time to begin checking the boxes on the list of preparations for the start of the winter season.  One of my goals, which I never

Ski Area Late Summer Check List for Mountain Ops departments As I commented in Bob's Bits for Aust 2022, a simple checklist can possibly make your

Being someone who promotes and sells digital products, I found this article from inductive Automation on What is Digital Transformation to be a perfect explanation

In paraphrasing, an article from STRATEGY+BUSINESS NEWSLETTER, in this unsettled time of labor shortages doing it the old way may not work anymore. "As organizations shift from

After pushing out the new web app for MountainOffice Mobile last winter and collecting input from ski areas using the app in Europe and North

Steep Management is now an authorized seller of SmartMountain™. Earth Analytic, the developer of SmartMountain™, and Steep Management have agreed to a relationship whereby Steep

Skier visits record for the USA and a not so great a snow year – who could guess that would happen.  Let’s all thank a

I am a strong believer that data is needed to make good decisions and the more data the better. I qualify that there is still

I was honored and appreciative to have the opportunity to facilitate a discussion with a room full of ski lift personnel to discuss the Future

The title above comes from Claire Humber’s article I mentioned in this month’s Bob’s Bits.  I know many of you think of strategy as terrain

Last month I shared how I came about asking the question in the title above.  I made the analogy to a three-legged stool and addressed

  A scary question. Right? But I imagine many front-line lift maintenance managers and directors are asking that question in the back of their minds. I

I’d say from East of the Mississippi, we finally received a reasonable amount of snow. Granted, those in the Mid Atlantic got some earlier, but

Leadership and a Healthy Culture are not words you often hear about in the on-hill locker rooms and mountain operation offices. They should be. Most