MountainOffice more Web-based

MountainOffice more Web-based

MountainOffice has just released its latest update, version 1.4.5, but that does not stop the developers from continuing to move MountainOffice forward. After the 2023 InterAlpin in Innsbruck, MountainOffice staff reviewed the input they accumulated from existing clients, potential clients, and even competitors to check where they were at and where the input was telling them they need to move toward.  The results were quite encouraging and in synch with the staff’s thinking.

The encouraging input reflected that MountainOffice is the best ski area dedicated software for organizing mountain operations workflow, tracking, and scheduling maintenance, and organizing records by specific assets. To me, this is amazing when you think that in the largest gathering of ski area operations people in the world, with people from all over the world that the MountainOffice staff came away with this summarization of input from three full days of talking with ski area operators.

With this encouraging news, MountainOffice, as with version 1.4.5, continues to migrate towards a fully functional web-based platform that can be hosted in the cloud or on a ski area’s own server and be accessed from any device that can connect to the internet or a cellular data connection.  The current desktop network version is being utilized for certain setup features, but I don’t suspect that will last for long. The current app, which is entirely web-based can perform ~90% of what has been done via the desktop version.

Simplicity is still the underlying goal as it is recognized that users don’t want to deal with multi-step access and requirements to record their work. Also, the ability to have real-time accessibility for supervisors to check on work status has become another plus, especially in lift operations relating to a lift’s operation logbook.

One of the many things that keep us encouraged is that the MountainOffice developers are listening to the users and trying to find ways to solve concerns and issues that apply across multiple inputs.  One other significant benefit is the increased use of mobile users and fewer super users, desktop and mobile, is that the overall cost of an installed system has dropped a bit. Not a lot but in today’s world of increasing pricing this is good news.

Steep Management looks forward to sharing more good news from Austria on the progress of MountainOffice for the future.