Innovation for Next Season

Innovation for Next Season

As we close the 2023/24 season and gear up for the next, Steep Management urges you to consider the ARENA Slope Management system. This innovative tool, especially beneficial after the warmest winter on record in North America, promises to reduce costs and ensure a consistent and high level of slope quality, setting the stage for a successful season.

The ARENA Slope Management system stands out with its two unique components: (1) Snow Height Measurement, a tool developed specifically for cat drivers, and (2) Slope Management, which leverages data analysis to deliver savings of up to 25% on snowmaking costs. This is what sets ARENA apart from SnowSat and SnowHow. While the others provide snow height data, ARENA goes beyond by offering backend consulting and data analysis.

Thanks to the latest satellite and antenna technology, the ARENA Snow Height Measurement system is sleek and compact, with maximum reliability and availability. The system provides a user-friendly 3D interface for optimal results on the slopes and in terrain parks. It is an innovative management platform for data analysis and operational control, whether used in the snow groomer or the office.

The Slope Management component of the ARENA system comes online after the first year. It incorporates long-term data streams on snow depth, water usage, and natural snow. The system interfaces with your snowmaking control system via an API. ARENA can also bring snow height measurement data from other systems, such as SnowSat and SnowHow. With the streaming of this data, ARENA proprietary algorithms, and input from your team and the ARENA team, an efficiency Master Plan is built. This plan sets minimum and maximum snow levels for the season, which become metrics your team can review daily, ensuring you produce the right snow levels in the right slope locations.

This graph shows the difference in snow production between a year without the ARENA system and a year with it. The gap between the two lines shows the saving potential that can be achieved using the ARENA Slope Management system.


A quote from A. Innerhofer, CEO of Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG of Austria, sums it up nicely – “By partnering with ARENA, we achieved a significant reduction of resources at a consistent and high level of quality.”

Climate change and energy costs are putting ski resorts under increasing pressure. ARENA offers efficient solutions to help meet these challenges. Whether you are a small or large ski area, ARENA is the solution for the future of slope management.

Steep Management and ARENA have two demo sites in the US. Call STEEP to discuss how ARENA Slope Management can save you 25% on snowmaking costs and provide quality slope conditions.

Data and Information

Database of record: Centralized and organized data assists in recognizing and evaluating patterns, resulting in more thoughtful planning and informed predictions.

Rapid, intuitive retrieval of current and historical data (accessible on or offsite) improves decision making at all levels of management.

Simple report generation.

Reduces risk and potential lawsuits.

Supports visualization of current and future mountain infrastructure (e.g. Gazex explosives locations, forest thinning, designing new runs, parking, etc.).


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Ski Patrol

  • Ease of real-time data entry (no more logbooks or spreadsheets!).
  • Use of common language allows for consistent communication and information sharing.
  • Increases safety by minimizing accidents through pattern analysis of incidents.
  • Accident Investigation and Risk Management.
  • Snow Safety (Ski Patrol) Training.

The web and mobile application suite will provide editing and data collection tools for mapping incidents (wrecks, accidents) of any kind.

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Avalanche Module


Ability to document, track and analyze slope conditions with one tool.

Ease of real-time data entry (no more logbooks or spreadsheets!).

 Centralized and organized data assists in recognizing and evaluating patterns, resulting in more thoughtful planning and informed predictions.

Provides detailed current and historical weather patterns for visualizing/predicting.

Saves money through more precise use of explosives. 

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The dispatch and risk module leverage Esri’s Survey 123 for ArcGIS, providing an intuitive survey-form, data-driven workflow for point feature collection and reporting. Data collected with SmartMountain Survey apps, which are available for both web browsers and native desktop and mobile apps for standard operating systems, are integrated with one or more SmartMountain modules, providing real-time or disconnected and later synchronized workflows for data collection and integration.

Each ski resort decided what they wish to display on the Dispatch Dashboard including on-hill incidents, walk-in incidents, on-hill refusals,  missing persons, work details for different departments, ski patrol rosters for the day, clearances, and sweeps.

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  • Logs for Lift Maintenance, Lift Operations, and Groomer inspections, as well as building inspections.
  • Logs can record data and signatures, can record stops, station assignments.
  • Logs are tracked by calendar.


  • Management review made easy through the use of Excel – reviewing a major grouping of assets or a single component of an asset such as a drive or a gearbox.
  • All information related to a system(asset) is in one place whether it be a lift inspection report, a manual, oil analysis, a service bulletin, or a letter from a vendor.


  • Every user has a unique dashboard.
  • Dashboards can be customized to reflect a user’s specific needs.
  • Quick access to the status of work and cost .


  • The schedule function in MountainOffice provides for detailed instructions by task, recording of data such as the temperature of a gearbox, and service bulletins.
  • All schedules can have a time or counter trigger.