MountainOffice Free Online Demo

MountainOffice Free Online Demo

Over the years, many people have asked me for an online demo of MountainOffice, but I could not provide such until recently.  As you may recall MountainOffice began serving ski areas in 1999 when online demos didn’t exist. Business was good, and improving the product was the main concern. Things like online demos were technically a challenge until more recent times. As MountainOffice moved towards a web-based system, the online demo became more of a reality. Now the online demo is a reality.

The demo is the web-based app for MountainOffice, not the desktop version of MountainOffice. A ski Area can do about 90% of the desktop functionality via the web-based app. It is a 30 days free online trial version with full functionality except for some administration and secondary functions.

If you’d like to have access to the online demo, reach out to Steep Management, and we will provide the URL link and a short video on how to use the demo as if it was your system. Our demo already has the basics of a ski area, but the video shows you how to install your own lift or groomer as examples to play with as you review the system.

From Operating logbooks, Work orders, data counters, and parts scanning to scheduling, all available via the MountainOffice web-based app. See the demo now.