SmartMountain – where it all comes together

SmartMountain – where it all comes together



One of the many things I have learned in my Steep Management experience is that mountain operation management, VP to front-line managers, wants a way of tying all the various functions together. I fully understand and agree with the want to have a live visual display of what is happening on the hill whether it be lift performance, incidents/accidents, trail closures, grooming operations, snowmaking, and maybe even skier visits.

What makes this now a reality is SmartMountain. For Steep Management bringing MountainOffice and SmartMountain makes it all possible.  SmartMountain’s dispatch capability enables so many things to be reported visually either on a map or in list format. This capability is possible because the system allows interconnection with other systems, aka MountainOffice as an example, and SmartMountain allows each individual to collect information via the ski area’s forms and bring that information into the dashboard at a dispatch station – having as many screens as you wanting to display –

dispatch screens
Many choices
  •  Lift Status – open, delayed, or closed
  • Trail Status – check, open, sweep, or closed
  • Grooming status – in process, groomed or not groomed
  • Incidents (wrecks) on the hill
  • Missing person and status of the search
  • Track the status of an incident from the time of call into exiting the aid room or clinic
  • Out of Bounds incidents and their status
  • Avalanche Routes and their status
  • Shot placement and history
  • Bomb placement and status
  • Explosive inventory history
  • Chair evacuation monitoring
  • Work mission status, who is assigned
  • Roster – who is available
  • By no means a complete list – you can have what you need


Each one of these can be in the format you want and not only in a list format but placed on a map to provide a quick visual understanding of where activities are located. Now you have gathered the input, you can analyze it via queries and analysis and publish what you want to the web to keep your customers up to date.

SmartMountain is not just a ski patrol tool but a valuable tool for management in making decisions at the moment and also for looking at historical information to make decisions relating to the future.

SmartMountain is the smart choice for your ski area