Today’s Answer for Better Maintenance

Today’s Answer for Better Maintenance

If you want better maintenance for your ski lifts, check out the brief video in this post. It is easy and simple to use, MountainOffice.

Yes, MountainOffice has been around for 23 years in the ski area maintenance arena. But that doesn’t mean that the program that was created in 1998 is the same that is offered today in 2023.  MountainOffice has evolved with technology over this timeframe. The market has played a role in its evolution.

I personally saw the evolution process happen at the first InterAlpin I attended in 2015 in Innsbruck, Austria. You may ask; how could you see evolution at a trade show? What I saw was numerous ski companies sitting down with the MountainOffice staff and discussing the needs of the ski companies to make MountainOffice work better for them. In the next year, many of those inputs were incorporated into MountainOffice either via small process changes, additional functionality, backend upgrades, or changes in the underlying technology.    The purpose has always been to make MountainOffice simple and to ensure the front-end users enjoy using the system and make their work easier.

High points and low points are the best teaching tools in anything one does.  The Steep experience of offering MountainOffice to the ski industry is very much representative of learning through your experiences.  I am someone who wants to know how things work in detail, I have maybe put MountainOffice in the eyes of ski area folks as a clunky system that requires many steps to eventually do what the user wants to do.  My mistake.  I have historically presented the program as if I was building the system from the ground up, not how a user would use the system.

I thank Luke Stafford of Mondo Media for creating a video for MountainOffice which demonstrates how easy it is to use.  The tool in a technician’s toolbox that enables the technician to access the work order(s) that requires his/her attention, the historic work done, manuals and schematics, and basic information relating to the lift, groomer, pump, or compressor.  Having this tool in your technicians’ toolboxes provides better quality control, better accountability, an easy scheduling process, and organization your staff will love. By the way, your technicians don’t need to be computer literate to use the system.

Check out the video below to get a 2-minute demo of how MountainOffice can work for your technicians.  (Note open the video to full screen for better viewing)

If you realize how simple yet powerful this tool is and want to learn a lot more, please give me a call for a free demo where I will make sure I don’t portray it as a clunky program.