MountainOffice Keeps Improving

In the latest edition of Bob’s Bits, it was mentioned that the new version of MountainOffice has significantly improved its functionality as a tool for Lift Operations Managers and Supervisors. With the added feature of historical trend data, lift mechanics can now easily access information on the components of a lift, making it easier for […]

So Much More than You Thought

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Steep Management now represents ARENA Slopemanagement, an exceptional product from Austria that helps resorts tackle the challenges,of climate change and increasing dependence on snowmaking.   To help you understand the benefits of this product, I have created an introductory video. Although I am not an […]

Simple Leadership Suggestions

Although I have never met Matt Mosteller in person, I have seen many of his LinkedIn posts and comments. He consistently displays thoughtfulness and inspiration in his writing. Recently, he published an article titled “People Matter. Period. Does leadership have it wrong?” as a special in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. I found Matt’s opening […]

Bob’s Bits for November 2023

The ski season has begun, but some resorts are facing delayed openings due to the less-than-optimal snowfall. Others are opening with limited terrain. However, additional resorts are set to open in the coming weeks, with most planning to be open by mid-December. As we look ahead, I hope this season will be as successful as […]

Unions in a Ski Area

My first experience with unions was a summer job while in college working on a county bridge repair crew. It was eye-opening. The regulars on the crew were all union members and we summer guys were not. Without going into detail, the experience made me anti-union. Admittedly that was in the late 1960s and a […]

Technology for Mountain Operation

I want to acknowledge that the NSAA Journal Summer 2023 issue features a lot of good input on technology in the ski industry, albeit there is no mention of operational tech except for the surveillance piece. The article by Casey Parliament of INTOUCH is an excellent guide on the procurement of technology. There are lots […]

Bob’s Bits for September/October 2023

For many of you, the season starts in less than 45 days, and that means you are busy getting ready for the start of ski season. I wish you all good luck in your preseason endeavors. This newsletter is being published after two Northeast Trade shows, the NE Summit held in Portland, Maine, and the […]

Bob’s Bits for August 2023

Halfway through August and seeing ski areas post their opening days for the 2023/2024 season. Wow, where did summer go? From a Northern New England perspective, it has been one with significant water challenges, too much, making on-hill work and new construction tough. It is the weather, stupid, something you can’t control. Steep is happy […]

ARENA SlopeManagement

By Maximilian Mündler MSc, Product Manager Last week I listened to the latest episode of the Storm Skiing Podcast with Alterra Mountain Company CEO Jared Smith. In the opening sequence, the former CEO of Alterra Mountain Company, Rusty Gregory, talked about how ski resorts are currently going through a transformation process that is bringing them […]

MountainOffice Free Online Demo

Over the years, many people have asked me for an online demo of MountainOffice, but I could not provide such until recently.  As you may recall MountainOffice began serving ski areas in 1999 when online demos didn’t exist. Business was good, and improving the product was the main concern. Things like online demos were technically […]

Data and Information

Database of record: Centralized and organized data assists in recognizing and evaluating patterns, resulting in more thoughtful planning and informed predictions.

Rapid, intuitive retrieval of current and historical data (accessible on or offsite) improves decision making at all levels of management.

Simple report generation.

Reduces risk and potential lawsuits.

Supports visualization of current and future mountain infrastructure (e.g. Gazex explosives locations, forest thinning, designing new runs, parking, etc.).


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Ski Patrol

  • Ease of real-time data entry (no more logbooks or spreadsheets!).
  • Use of common language allows for consistent communication and information sharing.
  • Increases safety by minimizing accidents through pattern analysis of incidents.
  • Accident Investigation and Risk Management.
  • Snow Safety (Ski Patrol) Training.

The web and mobile application suite will provide editing and data collection tools for mapping incidents (wrecks, accidents) of any kind.

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Avalanche Module


Ability to document, track and analyze slope conditions with one tool.

Ease of real-time data entry (no more logbooks or spreadsheets!).

 Centralized and organized data assists in recognizing and evaluating patterns, resulting in more thoughtful planning and informed predictions.

Provides detailed current and historical weather patterns for visualizing/predicting.

Saves money through more precise use of explosives. 

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The dispatch and risk module leverage Esri’s Survey 123 for ArcGIS, providing an intuitive survey-form, data-driven workflow for point feature collection and reporting. Data collected with SmartMountain Survey apps, which are available for both web browsers and native desktop and mobile apps for standard operating systems, are integrated with one or more SmartMountain modules, providing real-time or disconnected and later synchronized workflows for data collection and integration.

Each ski resort decided what they wish to display on the Dispatch Dashboard including on-hill incidents, walk-in incidents, on-hill refusals,  missing persons, work details for different departments, ski patrol rosters for the day, clearances, and sweeps.

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  • Logs for Lift Maintenance, Lift Operations, and Groomer inspections, as well as building inspections.
  • Logs can record data and signatures, can record stops, station assignments.
  • Logs are tracked by calendar.


  • Management review made easy through the use of Excel – reviewing a major grouping of assets or a single component of an asset such as a drive or a gearbox.
  • All information related to a system(asset) is in one place whether it be a lift inspection report, a manual, oil analysis, a service bulletin, or a letter from a vendor.


  • Every user has a unique dashboard.
  • Dashboards can be customized to reflect a user’s specific needs.
  • Quick access to the status of work and cost .


  • The schedule function in MountainOffice provides for detailed instructions by task, recording of data such as the temperature of a gearbox, and service bulletins.
  • All schedules can have a time or counter trigger.