SmartMountain Founder

SmartMountain Founder

As I have indicated in prior posts, I wanted to represent SmartMountain because I believed it to be the best solution for incident and dispatch management. I still believe that, but I have become more impressed with the founder of Smart Mountain as I have interacted with him. Wetherbee Dorshow, the founder, is a scientist and a professor – check out his background https://www.linkedin.com/in/wetherbeedorshow/.

More important to me is that Wetherbee is invested in his work. Wetherbee’s recent interaction at a Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was pretty revealing. Here is a shot of Wetherbee with some notable ski and mountain folk getting their input for SmartMountain. Wetherbee’s comments:

“While working up at Jackson Hole last week on one of our SmartMountain implementations, I ran into Tommy Moe, aka the Golden Boy (1994 Winter Olympics). Tommy uses SmartMountain as a guide for both Jackson Hole Mountain Guides (JH) and Tordillo Heli (AK). Mike Rheam, on my left in the photo, is a longtime AVY forecaster for JHMR and the Bridger-Teton National Forest AVY center.”

A sense of humor is always a strong point for me relating to people. Wetherbee surprised me, or I should say the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort folks surprised me, and I’d say Wetherbee as well with this photo and this comment; “A couple of years back, JHMR patrol tried a different dispatch/risk solution, thinking it might be better than Earth Analytic’s SmartMountain Dispatch/Risk module. Well, after a couple of months, they switched back to SmartMountain and never looked back. I found this sticker in the AVY Lab, made by the lead dispatcher. What a remarkable testament to the outstanding value of our hashtag#arcgis hashtag#SmartMountain solution. For the record, they never stopped using the SmartMountain Avalanche module, which leads the industry.


As you all know, it takes much effort to get you to look at new products and ways of doing things, and this is quite a testament to what SmartMountain is and can do for ski patrol’s around the country. Wetherbee’s involvement with the Avy folks and ski patrol is what makes SmartMountain an evolving and better system.

The people behind the product are essential to you and me and the best reason to use SmartMountain at your ski area.