SmartMountain™ Dispatch and Safety program now marketed by Steep Management

SmartMountain™ Dispatch and Safety program now marketed by Steep Management

Steep Management is now an authorized seller of SmartMountain™. Earth Analytic, the developer of SmartMountain™, and Steep Management have agreed to a relationship whereby Steep Management will be the primary seller of SmartMountain™ to ski areas throughout North America.

“We know that understanding your ski area’s terrain is integral to ski area management and planning. Developed with ski area owners and personnel in mind, SmartMountain™ is a cutting-edge enterprise solution that combines the remarkable advances that have been made in web-based mapping technology with custom data created specifically for your ski area,” says Wetherbee Dorshow, Ph.D., founder of Earth Analytic, Inc. Built on the ArcGIS platform from GIS software leader EsriSmartMountain™ provides you with all the tools required to conduct and monitor ski area activities and operations with maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. This GIS solution entails hands-on training, terrain analysis, and GIS online web application development.

Bob Ackland, Steep Management’s founder, believes that SmartMountain™ will be the new standard for ski patrols across North America. According to Ackland, “the utilization of simple yet excellent data for pinpointing injuries on the hill, the ease of recording the patient’s data, maintaining files, increasing safety by minimizing accidents through pattern analysis of incidents, and ease of accident investigation with a detailed dispatch feature will greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of ski patrol operations as well as providing mountain operations with new abilities to look at the mountain with a new tool relative to snowmaking and grooming.”

Bob Ackland says, “Steep is excited to offer two excellent products that enable mountain operations at any mountain, large or small, with the tools that will provide a long-term benefit in operations and at the same time improve the work conditions and flow of information. MountainOffice and SmartMountain™ bring the best technology to your mountain for efficiency and safety.”

Earth Analytic, Inc developed expertise in the ArcGIS field, working with a broad spectrum of mapping, geospatial analysis, consulting, and environmental services for scientists, engineers, planners, land managers, energy and utility companies, conservation groups, and governmental agencies in creating SmartMountain™, a suite of web and mobile applications designed to collect, organize and share information vital to maintaining snow safety and improving facility operations in ski areas and other alpine environments. Earth Analytic entered the ski industry through avalanche tracking and snow safety. The Risk and Snow safety module directly resulted from the work with several mountains.

Steep Management, founded in 2009, concentrates its efforts solely on the ski resort and ski community arena with a focus on strategic implementation, leadership development, and organizational performance improvement.

The principal of Steep is Bob Ackland, a retired ski executive with over 40 years of experience in the outdoor recreation industry  – 20 of which are in the ski resort management field.

Please get in touch with Bob Ackland for more information on SmartMountain™