MountainOffice Update Mobile App

MountainOffice Update Mobile App

After pushing out the new web app for MountainOffice Mobile last winter and collecting input from ski areas using the app in Europe and North America, a new update is being rolled out this month.

The update flushed out and corrected some bugs found over the past winter, and new features were added, some subtle and others more impactful. The most crucial element was to bring offline sharing up to date. The prior version did not have the full offline capability. The most impactful, in my opinion, is the My Assigned Works feature.

My Assigned Works is a feature that incorporates Offline Sharing, the process used to offline share schedules (work orders) when the lift technician is going out of WiFi range to do work. However, the My Assigned Works allows for scheduling work by users for any period such that when that user logs on to the app, the user sees the work the supervisor has assigned to the user and the status of such work, current or overdue, and what lift or piece of equipment the work relates to. In addition, the user can keep track of tasks pertaining to the work and things that are unique to the user.

In the example below, the user, Lift Tech 1, can see that there are a total of 230 schedules overdue over seven lifts that Lift Tech 1 is responsible for, 1 schedule has been recently assigned for the Gate House lift gearbox, and there is one task that Lift Tech 1 has posted to remind himself to do. A terrible example for sure, having 230 schedules overdue; shame on Lift Tech 1. 😊

Other features provide easy accessibility and smoother navigation.