MountainOffice Update – Good Stuff on the Way

MountainOffice Update – Good Stuff on the Way

Covid has hit the MountainOffice normal enhancement development hard. European ski areas are in more difficult situations than here in North America. With the Alps being where MountainOffice earns most of its turns, the company had to hunker down with reduced development efforts. But the effort never stopped; it just took longer than planned. 

Interestingly many of the ideas that potential North American ski resorts have suggested were in the development queue. The central Ideas that originated here are IOS compatibility, cloud base, and more lift operation log capability. The IOS and cloud issues are not substantial in Europe, but the lift ops logs and inspection logs did resonate with European customers.

A mobile app has been developed to replace the existing android mobile app. The new app will be accessible by any device with a URL login. The mobile app has significant implications in making desktop use a web-based app and becoming a cloud-based program.

 Currently, MountainOffice can be installed to function in a manner very similar to a cloud-based system. This is done by setting up a Windows terminal server where the program and database reside. The users connect via Remote Desktop Connection to the Windows Terminal Server. Steep Management is currently researching the cost structure for this type of installation. Stay tuned, and information will be available in February. If you have an interest, please let me know. It will help in developing the cost structure.

The new mobile app will be available shortly, and the Operations Log will follow soon after that. The Operations Log will cover all the paper you currently collect from the lifts every day, plus more. The excellent aspect of having the European market have input into this development is that they have voiced positive needs beyond just the lift logs. Such things include weather, communications capability within the department, text and email communications within the system, and staff scheduling.

MountainOffice continues to improve step by step. Listening to customers and investing the time to understand how customers actually work and what would make their work easier and more productive.