MountainOffice New

MountainOffice New

Mobile App now on all platforms

The groundwork for this rollout has been laid out to you in the past two newsletters. Now, I can actually show you what I have been so excited about during the last year. 

The Operations Logbook has been built with lifts top of mind, but the use of this feature can be utilized in many other parts of the operation of a ski area. The Logbook will be an extremely useful tool for ski patrol in performing trail checks, sweeps, and avalanche mitigation work; for grooming in recording pre-grooming inspections of Snowcats, and grooming operations data points; summer operations of zip lines, coasters, and alpine slides. The limit is your imagination and innovation.

The Logbook provides for pre-operational, operation and post-operational checklists as well as the weather for the day, staff for the day, operational interruptions (stops), and weekly and monthly inspection checklists. All changes are time stamped providing a noticeably clear picture of a piece of equipment’s operation for each day it is in operation.

Three ski areas in North America are now beta sites for the Logbook. These ski areas will provide feedback and suggestions for improving the performance of the Logbook. The Operations Logbook will be available for the upcoming ski season.

The Logbook and the new Mobile App, which is now accessible from any platform, android, IOS and Windows are the excellent examples of how MountainOffice keeps responding to ski areas inputs and needs.

Steep Management is happy to discuss these new features of MountainOffice as well as the MountainOffice’s main function of make management of ski area assets, lifts, groomers, snow machines, snowmaking systems, and facilities, easier for you, mountain operations managers and personnel.