MountainOffice New Look

MountainOffice New Look

New features plus availability on multi platforms

While the Covid 19 pandemic has had a global impact on the ski industry, I am happy to report that SEC Ges.m.b.H. weathered the storm well, having had to slow down development efforts, but now can release what has been anticipated for over a year. This coming May, the MountainOffice mobile app will be available on IOS, Windows, and Android platforms. The app will be web-based, meaning you log in by accessing a web URL. This has been one of the most asked-for features in North America.

Along with the ability to log on via any platform, the Operation Log will also be available. This feature will provide significant capabilities for Lift Operations departments and lift maintenance and grooming. From an operational management perspective, the Operations Log is a powerful tool. The log will allow for digital record keeping of data providing easy accessibility for inspectors, managers, and technicians. I expect that use of the Operations log will expand to other uses within the ski resort. Innovation and creativity will be the determining factors.

The example above is a form created by MountainOffice for a lift during operation.  You can track dates run, times run, staffing, and weather.  Each button can be clicked and opened where you can have pre-op, operational and post-op checklists.  Weekly and monthly work can also be tracked.   You can also create your own form if this standard form does not work for your ski resort/area.  Logs such as this can be built for other operations, such as trails or groomer operations. 

The reduction of paper records seems so insignificant, but the elimination of filing and maintenance of files is a productive step forward for front-line managers. Lift Maintenance and Lift Operation managers typically don’t have administrative support, so the elimination of filing of daily, weekly, monthly and annual records provides need time for these managers to spend dealing with staff and technical matters that contribute to a better running organization. I know from my experience, I never really thought about the paper shuffling requirement for my lift maintenance and lift operations managers. I just expected them to do what was necessary, and I did not provide the tools to enable them to be more productive with their time. If I knew then what I know now – I know it is a cliché, but oh, I wish.