How Come?

How Come?

Reviewing  my commitment to:

I never thought after retiring from the ski industry that I’d be selling a software system. How’d that happen? One winter day, I was searching for info relative to a T-bar installation, and I tripped on something called MountainOffice. Wondering what this was my curiosity triggered an inquiry, and the next thing I knew, I was in discussion with SEC Gmbh from Austria, the developers of MountainOffice. After being invited to Austria, attending my first InterAlpin show in Innsbruck, and meeting many of MountainOffice clients, Steep Management was formed. Steep Management is a joint partnership between myself and SEC Gmbh with the mission of helping mountain operations at ski resorts be more efficient through the utilization of MountainOffice and assisting with workflow operations. 

The concept and purpose of MountainOffice made so much sense to me when I first reviewed it, and it continues to make sense in my subsequent reviews over the five years I have been sharing it with ski resorts across North America. I thought I share with you the many reasons for advocating for MountainOffice.
MountainOffice is a CMMS type of software. In my reviews, I have explored the definition of a CMMS program and made sure MountainOffice meets or exceeds the basic tenets of a CMMS program. I have used the Wikipedia definition of a CMMS system, see below, and research on other CMMS systems to validate my thinking. 
“Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), also known as computerized maintenance management information system (CMMIS), is a software package that maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations.” from Wikipedia
Here is the list of functions that MountainOffice Offers:

The functionality is all there. However, the two most essential points regarding MountainOffice are:


Value and Simplicity

Value – there certainly are programs, which cost less, but they do not offer the functionality that MountainOffice offers. The cheaper programs typically do not provide the ability to organize your assets in a way that enables you to subdivide the assets by components. The more low-cost programs don’t provide for creating in-depth schedules (work orders); thus, not allowing the schedule originator to provide the necessary level of instruction to the technicians charged with doing the work.


Simplicity – computer skills are not necessary to operate in MountainOffice. Anybody who uses a cell phone can use MountainOffice. It is simple to run; it is intuitive and logical.


Yes, there are more complex CMMS programs than MountainOffice. Still, none will match the Value and Simplicity and the fact that MountainOffice’s sole focus is ski resorts, and currently serving over 170 ski resorts worldwide.


Give us a call at (802) 279-3081 or check out MountainOffice at steepmanagement.com