Bob’s Bits for May/June 2021

Bob’s Bits for May/June 2021

The ski season is a wrap except for Big Snow and Timberline

A bit of egg on my face since I promised that the new MountainOffice mobile app and operation logbook would be launched during May in the April Steep Newsletter. The expectation was that the launch would be in May, but SEC Gmbh, the developer, in reviewing, found items they wished to improve and features they wanted to add to enhance the utility in the first version. The excellent news is that Steep can now demo the workings of the Ops Log and the new mobile app.  Give us a call, I think you will be quite surprised with what you see.

This month I am again sharing input on meetings; those pain in the butt time sucks. But, could we do our job without them?  I am also posting an article about drone usage in the French Alps, which indicates to me that there will be more drone usage in North America in the upcoming winters.

Last month’s Steep Newsletter took a poll on

How was your Season?

Better than expected                89%

Pretty much as expected           5%

Normal                                          1%

Less than Expected                     3%

Much Worse than Expected      2%

This month’ Steep’s Newsletter Poll;

Does your ski area utilize drones for mountain operations?

An email was sent out to our subscribers today asking this question, here is link to the poll.