Bob’s Bits for July and August 2020

Bob’s Bits for July and August 2020

Plant the Friggin Tree

Mid-summer for most of us, some limited skiing is going on South of the Equator. Expect we here in North America will learn a bit from those operators in New Zealand, few in Australia and the few South America. My concern is that I hope we get the chance to apply that which was discovered in the southern hemisphere. I would have never thought a month ago that the USA would be facing what it is today, at the end of July.

I suspect many of you may have questioned why I write about culture and leadership. I think one of the positives to be gained from the current situation is the example of poor leadership or lack of leadership and how devastating it can be. A lesson I believe many in the country now see first hand. Please excuse the political frustration.

I am afraid I am not going to let up. I will spare you the pain of reading my writing and share some excellent articles, which I hope you read and follow through on the suggestions from each.

Let’s hope for some cohesive leadership and the possibility of a good ski season.

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