Bob’s Bits for July 2021

Bob’s Bits for July 2021

July is on its way out. It has been a tough month with an uptick in COVID cases, heat, fires, and drought. I have read more about the actual impacts of climate change this month than I think I have read cumulatively in the last year. Those who don’t believe maybe see the reality of man’s impact on mother earth. Let’s all hope August and the fall prove to be more regular.

Fall trade shows are right around the corner. It will be good for folks to see each other in person and reconnect without a screen in front of us. I hope the shows are well attended,  new ideas shared and learned, suppliers generate new leads, and fun had by all.

In this issue, I am sharing my experience of marketing MountainOffice and explaining why you should use MountainOffice. The post is partly therapeutic, but it is an honest and open sharing of the feedback I have heard and why I am committed to moving MountainOffice forward.

In addition to laying bare my thinking, I also try to put the scarcity of lift mechanics in perspective and offer how I would address the problem if I were in your shoes; some out-of-the-box thinking.