Bob’s Bits for December 2020

Bob’s Bits for December 2020


Not to make fun of our colleagues across the pond but here are examples of stark contrast on safe mazes.                                                              Park City vs. Verbier

The season has started. Snow has been plentiful for a few and the rest are doing the best they can with what mother nature has offered and snowmaking. Let’s hope the balance of 2020 and 2021 yield good snow. We are all living on hope and I hope, no pun intended, with the best public health practices possible.

I am sharing a podcast from Ed Eppley where great attitude prevails. Ed has consulted with the Steamboat ski area on organizational health over the past couple of years. The podcast is an interview with Katie Brown, Steamboat’s VP of Marketing and Sales.

In this month’s newsletter I am speaking out on meetings. My involvement with the CAPA Pro network has strengthened my feelings on meetings. Most in my past have been boring and those include the one’s I have led. If you read this piece on meetings and want to gain some time and effectiveness, give me a call and I think I can help you reduce your pain.

Let’s all be safe and smart and my best to you and yours for the Holidays.