Bob’s Bits for August/September 2021

Bob’s Bits for August/September 2021

A Tough Month in Many ways

As the summer winds down, all of us should try to pass on good karma to the California ski resorts and their communities as they battle these horrific fires. This has been a troubling month, Ida, Delta, fires, and political dysfunction. They all collide together in our lives at some point.

Thank goodness for skiing and riding. The season draws closer, and the fall rush begins. This month, I will stand on my soapbox about the short supply of staff and hiring. I include a hiring guide from healthy organization guru Patrick Lencioni. Also, in this month’s newsletter is a piece on the blue collars labor shortage; nothing new to you, I know, but maybe there might be a nugget of information that can help you bridge the gap for the upcoming season.

Let’s all pull together and look forward to winter with snow and smiling faces we can all see.