Bob’s Bits for August 2022

Bob’s Bits for August 2022

Time to begin checking the boxes on the list of preparations for the start of the winter season.  One of my goals, which I never achieved was to come into the season without the last-minute scramble to open for the season. So, I know how hard it is to avoid that scramble and it is harder today than it was when I was driving the train.

My suggestions are simple and I can see many ski areas are making good strides to be proactive in their preparation.  I hear from conversations that others are not.  I would contend that staffing is still an issue.  Proactive recruiting is essential and with that comes the reality of making decisions that reflect the reality of the labor market. The ski resort industry needs to come to grips with paying their frontline staff market rate wages and addressing the work environment.  Senior management has to come to grips that without good frontline staff that the ski area can not deliver a good product to its guests.

Of course, having SmartMountain and MountainOffice in place would help you plan your manpower, and maintenance needs.  Even early fall installations could have a positive impact on the start of your winter.  Want to learn more?  Call (802) 279-3081.

In this issue of the Steep Newsletter, I am sharing some posts from the past that speak to recruiting and culture.  There is still time to make a difference for the upcoming winter.  I am also including a checklist for frontline managers to help them prepare for the start of ski season.

Hope to see many of you from the Northeast at the New England Summit, September 11-13, at Sunday River.

Make the best of the remaining good weather.