Bob’s Bits for April 2021

Bob’s Bits for April 2021

Tuckerman’s Ravine – still skiing

The ski season is wrapping up. Indeed it is a ski season to go down in the history books. After all, is said and done, my takeaway it was a much better season than I had expected, my personal assessment. I do know there were variations of impact from the pandemic. I generally think lodging, food and beverage, rentals, and ski school were generally negatively impacted. Skier visits were much more robust than I expected, and according to some reports, better than in years past. I hope we, the ski industry, take what has been learned and incorporate it into operating plans of the future.

How was your Season?

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This month I am plugging for the new MountainOffice. After years of taking input from around the globe, MountainOffice is launching a new look. The program will be web-based to be accessible from any platform, and it will have a fresh look with added features but still offer the same simple structure retaining its powerful and broad capability.

The Steep Newsletter also offers some thoughts on the recently proposed legislation in Colorado on the reporting of ski accidents and injuries. The proposed bill did not make it out of committee this year, but I feel this issue will surface again with more states trying to push such legislation. The body content of your post goes here.