Bob’ Bits for February/March 2021

Bob’ Bits for February/March 2021

Sunshine Coming and Covid Going (we hope)

For most of the country, the ski season is about half over. It sure has been an interesting one. I heard a comment from John Hammond of Sugarbush Resort, “we have never worked so hard to lose money.” I think this is a very appropriate comment for this season. Usually, we say it is all about the snow. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of snow, but there is no shortage of challenges dealing with the pandemic.

At the NSSA Virtual Winter Show earlier this month, I attended one of the sessions I thought was very interesting. The session was titled NSAA Board Roundtable: A Mid-Season Check-in from a Season Like No Other. Five very credible ski resort CEOs staffed the panel. Here is a link to the session: https://youtu.be/vh3binOmlGQ. I found that geographical responses reflected the various state’s positions on the management of the pandemic.  More interesting were the lessons learned from managing the different aspects of pandemic-driven ideas and programs. In some ubiquitous way, trying to survive in the pandemic has generated thinking on how things might be after COVID 19. Strongly suggest watching.

This month I am republishing a prior post on meetings adding a great article from strategy & business. I hope this gives you some inspiration to think about your meetings. Also, I am standing on my soapbox for lift maintenance training again.