A Look at the MountainOffice Mobile App

A Look at the MountainOffice Mobile App

The wait is over.

The new app for MountainOffice is over. It is here and ready for you to take a look. Steep recorded a video that admittedly is not professional video quality but the product, the ne MountainOffice App certainly is. Not only has the new app brought the Operations Logbook to life, but it also has taken MountainOffice much closer to being a web-based program. The app is available on all platforms, IOS, Android, and Windows.

In know I am biased, but I think you will be impressed with Operations Logbook as well as the update on the Schedules/Work-Orders. The adaptability of the Operations Logbook to areas outside lifts I think can be a significant use to ski areas broadening the use of MountainOffice throughout the facility.

Call for no strings attached demo – (802) 279-3081